Vital Sight

Vital Sight in-game picture.

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Adds a laser sight to the weapon, allowing you to pinpoint enemy weakpoints- In-game Description

Vital Sight is a Skill for the Assassin.


It gives a laser sight to your weapon allowing you to pinpoint enemy weak points. It works best with guns like The Jackal or Crossbow, but works well with just about any other gun with a head multiplier, making this a very versatile attachment. However, its "source" might be slightly offset, and can sometimes be reliable and sometimes unreliable. To counter this it is best to aim for the mouth, just below the eyes, and let the vital sight aim for the forehead. The Vital sight is an "early warning" when facing an enemy team, since you know they are targeting you or near you, so it's best to proceed with caution. For this reason it's good to remember if your team has an assassin with vital sight and if you've spotted an enemy with this, so as to not be suspicious of an ally or calm in the presence of an enemy.



- You can spot a cloaked Assassin with this skill.

- The aim is inaccurate when you stand on an incline.