Vector Game Stats

Vector in-game picture.

Cost: $1,050
Slot: Secondary
Type: SMG
Soldier: All
Extra effects: None
Damage: 9
Accuracy: 50%
Range: 25 ft
Fire Rate: 9 rps
Ammo: 32x4


Vector in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Secondary
Type: SMG
Soldier: All except Sniper, Ninja
Extra effects: Fastest Fire Rate
Impact: 2
Fire Rate: 29
Accuracy: 60
Ammo: 25x Infinite

The KRISS Vector is an SMG available as a secondary weapon in the first and last game.


A milestone in small arms technology, this compact weapon features a unique vertically-canted firing mechanism that is designed to reduce the felt recoil and muzzle climb of the .45 ACP round it chambers. It's manufacturer intended to market the gun to military and law enforcement circles as both a personal defense weapon and a tactical SMG.

Due to Vector`s special counter-recoil mechanism in real life, it`s accuracy should have been higher than just 50%, but it isn`t.


Strike Force Heroes

The Vector has the highest rate of fire of all the SMGs, but low damage. It's very similar to the MP5, but is better in most areas. However due to their very close unlock levels one could stick with the MP5 or wait for the Vector. The Vector could be a good option for the Assassin class, as its high rate of fire allows it to quickly deal damage, as well as being an SMG, has a lot of ammo.

Strike Force Heroes 3