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SFH Uzi.png

Uzi in-game picture.

Cost: $75
Slot: Secondary
Type: Machine Pistol
Soldier: All Classes
Extra effects: None
Damage: 6
Accuracy: 30%
Range: 20 ft
Fire Rate: 9 rps
Ammo: 18x5


Uzi in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Dual
Soldier: Gunslinger, Ninja
Extra effects: Fastest Fire Rate
Impact: 10
Fire Rate: 24
Accuracy: 50
Ammo: 64x2


This Israeli-made gun ruled the 60's to the early 90's as the world's most iconic submachine gun; its unique blend of affordability, compactness and deadly firepower has since kept it ubiquitous in the armies of developing nations and in the hands of criminals all over the planet.

This is overall a normally basic gun.


Strike Force Heroes

The Uzi is a Machine-Pistol available to all classes as a secondary weapon. It's the second secondary weapon that you can get in the game as well as the first machine-pistol. It is unlocked at Level 3 and costs $75 to use. It tends to spray, so try to stay close to your target for optimum performance and efficiency. It can be swapped for the Raficca later, which is improved in all stats.


The Uzi can be used with a magnum as it does a good amount of damage in a couple of seconds and can be used as an alternative to far-ranged enemies such as an Assassin with a sniper.


The Assassin can use the Uzi with a Sniper for enemies that are close to you.


The Commando with the RPG can use the Uzi for beginners. They can be used for close enemies and Tanks.


The Tank is the Uzi's friend. For beginners, the Defriender can be used with the Uzi.

Strike Force Heroes 3



  • The UZI was invented in Israel by Major Uziel Gal and also named after him, although he did not want them named after him, they were anyway.
  • The UZI has two major variants: the Uzi SMG/Uzi Rifle and the Uzi Pistol/Micro Uzi.
  • Despite being named "Uzi", the Strike Force Heroes depiction actually refers to two separate weapons entirely:
    • The UZI in Strike Force Heroes is based on the Ingram MAC-10.
    • The UZI in Strike Force Heroes 3 is based on the CBJ-MS, which is a Swedish made SMG.