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Hello there, if you are reading this, even if your Sky9 Games yourself, this should be a intresting concept. Write in the comments below on what you think of this cool concept!


Opens on July 13th, 2135, Two years later after the events of the first game (the first game's year was revealed to be June 10th, 2132), the Globex Leader (who was revealed to be in identity, Garthur Bladethroat), now badly burned from side of his face (similar to Freddy Krueger from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street series) with the Scientist who's name is Charles Williams, a former scientist of Globex who has revealed to be corrupted by Globex. With the remaining infection from the previous game, they pour it down a pit where prisoned Strike Forces has became into hideous infected creatures with long knife-like claws & the goriest teeth ever. While starting a new class for the zombies called "L.U.R.K.E.R.S", a medorite crashes, only to have a ancient artifact that can summon new artificial intelligence to the battlefield along with new weapons, gadgets, & powers.

Garthur: "What intelligence is this?"

Charles: "I don't know, maybe it's some kind of lifeform"

Garthur: "Whatever this is, we must kept this from the SFH from recieving it, this could be a new idea against the SFH"

Charles: "It could be, but we must research it's Programs, D.N.A & it's stuff that has in this"

Garthur: "Alright, Soon, when we know what it's capable of, we will crush the SFH with guts & glory! Then we will recieve victory against them!"

Charles: "Well then, let's get inside, we have a biggest mind now with this new Intelligence"

Garthur: "At least we have our plan now!"

Charles: "What about the L.U.R.K.E.R.S?"

Garthur: "Release Them!" 

Two Weeks later...

More Infomation for the concept coming tommorow in 2013!