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Hi, I am mostly inactive on this wiki but you may find me stopping here from time to time seldom. You can find me contributing sometimes at the Bloons Wiki.

If you wish to contact me, then feel free to leave a message on my message wall, however, it may take a while for me to respond.

Pages I've created: Campaign: One Final Effort, AKS 74, Improved Shadow Blend, Desert Eagle, Cyclone, RCP 90, Beretta, Buckler, Judgement


I have finished ALL of the levels in the campaign and challenges using only the assassin class (cos it's so awesome)

Stats: Level 44 Assassin

Primary Weapon-AWP, Katana, Dragunov

Secondary Weapon-Desert Eagle and RCP 90


Skill-Blur (rarely Shadow Blend)

I'm currently trying to level up my other classes.

Campaign Level 14 Recommended Weapons

Striker, AUG HBAR, Dragunov 20,016