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Tower is a Juggernaut who appears in Strike Force Heroes 2 as your team mate. He is then a playable soldier in Strike Force Heroes 3 and Strike Force Heroes: Extraction.

He is a Juggernaut who uses a Judgement shotgun and excels in close combat.

Strike Force Heroes 2

His name, age and origin were unknown to his team and enemies because he always wears heavy suit and helmet which covers his eyes. He is spotted in the base in the beginning of the campaign, but he then disappears for long time until getting back when the team re-joined and Dex killed West. Tower is active until the penultimate mission, where he is captured by Globex with Nathan and Jyn. He never says anything during battle except grunts and yells.

Strike Force Heroes 3

It is later revealed he was brainwashed in GlobeX headquarters. He gets a new armor similar to one GlobeX Juggernauts had in the sequel. The player can save him by winning The Hitman challenge on insane mode and recruit him. He has Flaming Armor killstreak which is actually Combustion in new form. He also has deflective armor trait, and the Fatigued flaw (gets tired quicker). All his upgrades (skills) are defensive.

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction

He is a playable hero. He has heavy weight flaw, which kills him quickly after falling from buildings. Perk 1 Hardened gives him +15 additional health, Perk 2 Linebracker doesn't slow him down by running through enemies.