Toad is part of the Strike Force and is a Medic in the Campaign. His medical skills make him a great support ally. A jack-of-all-trades, so you can always rely on him. He is also the team's analyst. This is evident in level seven, when Toad analyzes Globex intel. Also in level twelve, when Toad tells the Strike Force what to do, once he's analyzed his surroundings. A cool thing about Toad is his balanced stats. He has no strengths, but has no weaknesses either. He's an excellent all-rounder, and most of all, a great Medic. He has quite a lot of kills, and a moderate amount of deaths, making him a great ally. Toad uses either Magnums or Assault Rifles to sweep the battlefield. He was retired from Strike Forces Heroes, during the events of Strike Forces Heroes 2.

Abilities and Tactics

He has the Rapid Regeneration killstreak, which lets you and your team be healed rapidly, and will use it at critical moments immediately, when he gets enough kills to activate the Streak. He also uses many other weapons, like the G36 and the Scar.


Of all the Strike Force members, Toad is the most reliable. If you were forced to go with only one soldier for an entire level, Toad will not disappoint.