James Bond

Tin-Man mode is a mode unlocked by getting the "Detective" achievement in Strike Force Heroes. While active, your whole body will break up into different pieces whenever you die. Note that in a small map with lots of people killing each other in the Speeding train map or the aircraft map, bits of corpses will pour out the back, creating a unique effect.

In Strike Force Heroes 2 it is available after earning the medal Vegetable Guy, by destroying the food stands at the market level. In it, people explode.

In Strike Force Heroes 3 it is available after earning the Heads Up! medal. You must play a custom game on the Gorge map, and make sure the Sky9 mod is active. With a solider equipped with a rocket launcher, you go to the fr upper left of the map, near a platform with a skull on the top. You then commit suicide by shoot at your feet and making your body land or fly over the platform. You will get the achievement notification, and you can exit the game to use your mod.