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SFH Thumper.png

Thumper in-game picture.

Cost: $375
Slot: Primary
Type: Explosive
Soldier: Commando
Extra effects: Fires grenades
Damage: 80
Accuracy: 40%
Range: 30 ft
Fire Rate: 2 rps
Ammo: 2x4

Thumper in-game picture.

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The Thumper is a recurring weapon that makes an appearance in the first two games.


Strike Force Heroes

It's an Explosive for the Commando. It is a grenade launcher that fires two shots before reloading. It is unlocked at Level 8 and costs $375 to use.

It is one of two grenade launchers in the game, the other being the M-32. Compared to it, the Thumper has higher damage, faster reload, lower fire rate and less ammo.

Strike Force Heroes 2

Available for both the Mercenary and the Juggernaut, it shoots sticky grenades that deals great damage. It feels slower compared to the M-32, but due to being unique with such that ability, it works very well.



The overall weapon contains wooden parts with a large barrel attached onto it. This includes a big wooden stock and the peculiar iron sight, which in real life is marked with the range that is capable to reach if angled correctly.


Adopting a modern, "P90-shaped" design, this weapon comes with a desert tan scheme, foregrip and a top sight that contains a picatinny rail.


The Thumper is useful for making arched shots over obstacles, which increases the chances of survival compared to facing the enemy head on. The reload animation is very fast, which is useful in close-quarters situations.



  • It is the M79 grenade launcher in real life, named the Thumper due to the nickname U.S Soldiers gave it due to the sound it makes when firing sounds like pounding. This can be heard in the game as well.
  • The Thumper is the Player's secondary weapon in Challenge 4: Rocket Race.
  • It's reload animation and sound is similar to the Omar.
  • The Thumper is one of the weapons modeled by the grenade launcher in Left 4 Dead.
  • In Raze 3, there's another similar weapon called the Thumper Mk V, being a weapon series. Maybe it hints that Raze events are placed years after SFH events?.