Strike Force Heroes Wiki
SFH Striker.png

Striker in-game picture.

Cost: $ 1,325
Slot: Primary
Type: Shotgun
Soldier: Tank
Extra effects: None
Damage: 13x5
Accuracy: 10
Range: 15 ft
Fire Rate: 4 rps
Ammo: 12x4

The Striker is a shotgun for the Tank in Strike Force Heroes.


The Striker is the third shotgun to be unlocked by the Tank. It is characterized by having the most rounds of any shotgun and a rate of fire equal to the AA 12. However, unlike the AA 12, the Striker is not fully automatic.


Playing with the Striker

Like most of the shotguns, the Striker sacrifices range and accuracy for massive close-range damage. When wielding the Striker, you will have to get within at least 15 feet to deal any damage to your enemies. If you can close the gap between you and an opponent, you can punish them with a rapid-fire barrage of shotgun shells. Due to the high magazine capacity of the Striker, you can often bulldoze through small groups of weakened or lower level enemies without being killed yourself. Tanks with shields or similar setups should be approached alone unless they are low on health.

Playing Against the Striker

The Striker can be devastating when wielded by an enemy Tank. When playing against a Striker, the most important thing to do is maintain distance: if you can stay out of range of the Striker, you can easily kill the Tank without taking damage. If you are using a short-range weapon yourself, this may mean whipping out your secondary to kill the Tank. In addition, Tanks with Strikers can be ambushed when low on health and killed quickly without too much trouble.



  • The Striker, in real life, is the Armsel Protecta Bulldog, which is essentially a shortened version of the Armsel Striker.
  • The Striker's sound effect when firing sounds alike, or almost similar to the one used by the Medic's .500 Magnum.