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About Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes is a game made by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva. The story began on a remote facility in the middle of the ocean. An unknown organization attacked the island, leaving the head scientist as the sole survivor. The scientist is then rescued by an unknown soldier. The story's timeline flashes back 2 weeks ago. The soldier and his team have just finished sabotaging rebel operations in an unspecified South American country when they are attacked mid-flight over the Pacific. Escaping the destroyed craft in time, they are scattered all over a small island. Continue reading...

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Strike Force Squad

The Strike Force Squad members are your allies throughout the Campaign and are an International Special Forces Unit. The Squad isn't that populated but is a Platoon sized unit. They are all hand picked and very well trained and all seem to be specialized in everything. They are the best of the best, elite, and capable of adapting to any scenario.

Military Missions - Not much is known about other missions than on the campaign. However they did participate in the majority of missions of the Campaign. Read more...


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  • Chippyyt

    rocket jumping

    October 16, 2020 by Chippyyt

    someone please if you remaster the games adding rocket jumping also if you remake the second game add a shovel melee as a secondary

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  • 8890SG2

    OP SFH Mod

    October 10, 2020 by 8890SG2

    OP SFH Mod (Updated)

    "If everything is OP, then nothing is."

    Mod that made all weapons, skills, and killstreaks OP. Increased the skill curve, difficulty, and replayability of the game. Also corrected …

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  • 8890SG2

    SFH Remix Showcase

    September 24, 2020 by 8890SG2

    SFH Remix Showcase Playlist

    I'm still testing stuff and making adjustments

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