A list of things that can be modified, as another customization in quick match. Each has its own interesting properties, making quick matches more fun.

Pack Mule

  1. First mod unlocked; you will have unlimited ammo but still needs reloading

There is a glitch with this mod when it unintentionally changes your weapon to either a Jackal, Katana, Judgement, 357 or a Saw.

This modifier gives -70% xp but infinite spare ammo.

Bottomless Clip

Complete the 'Waterwings' medal to unlock

This mod is basically just pack mule but with no reloading.

Party Time

Complete the 'Embarrassing' medal to unlock

The best mod to experience the feel of not-yet-unlocked weapons! With this modifier, all players are randomly one of the 66 weapons every spawn (not including the Golden Gun).

This modifier gives -60% Exp.

It can even give classes weapons that are from different classes! Thus leading to very unique strategies overall.