SFH Skorpion

Skorpion in-game picture.

Cost: $825
Slot: Secondary
Type: Machine-Pistol
Soldier: All Classes
Extra effects: None
Damage: 7
Accuracy: 40%
Range: 19 ft
Fire Rate: 12 rps
Ammo: 22x5

The Skorpion is a Machine-Pistol available to all classes as a secondary weapon. It is unlocked at Level 13 and costs $825 to use.


It has the greatest accuracy and fire rate of the Machine-Pistols, although it has low damage and the lowest range.



If you have a Magnum type gun, you can make a great combo with the Skorpion since its stats resemble assault rifles and therefore, you will deal loads of damage.


Due to its ideal accuracy, its ideal for Rifle Assassins and a great sidearm for melee ones, in the hands of a experienced player, you will be a danger for the enemy.


Good when you have a rocket launcher, however if you have a machine gun like the AUG HBAR or a Saw then it's a very bad choice.


Due to its fire rate and accuracy it provides good backup, however, its short range may be a problem. It is best when used with a shotgun except probably AA 12 (since it has Auto Fire) or Omar (due to its huge fire rate of 10 rps).



The Scorpion has a dormant folding metal wire stock that is locked to the top of the gun. Another machine pistol with a shoulder stock is the Raffica.


The clip magazine is not visible when you are holding the weapon in one hand (e.g. if you are holding a shield, flag or both).

The clip magazine appears to come out of the trigger guard when you are holding the weapon in two hands.