Shock Rod
SFH2 Shock Rod

Shock Rod in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Melee
Soldier: All
Extra effects: Melee, Can not Headshot
20% Chance to reduce target's Damage
Damage: Extreme
Accuracy: 100%
Range: Very low
Fire Rate: Very low
Ammo: N/A

The Shock Rod is a weapon in Strike Force Heroes 2 that has the longest distance of melee weapons (5 ft max). Its special ability is the same as the EMP, which reduces target's damage, being an excellent backup when used wisely.

It generally has a longer range and a higher damage output than the Katana, but tends to be even slower, and lacks the ability to reflect projectiles like the Katana, though it somewhat makes up for it with its EMP ability.