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The Siegius, a Shield.

Shields are Primary Weapons for the Tank. They provide extreme protection, at the cost of weak firepower. You cannot equip a primary "damaging" weapon so you must have a powerful secondary. Some shields can reflect a small percentage of damage and so are capable of killing enemies, but this is not a reliable source of damage. The reflecting shields reduce accuracy greatly when crouching but the effects are only given while crouching. Non-reflective shields have normal mechanics when it comes to crouching.

List of Shields


  • The Buckler is the fourth unlockable shield, but due to a bug it is a complete downgrade to the third (and fifth shields). However, it costs more.
  • Deflection of bullets is a reference to the Star Wars franchise's lightsabers.
  • The Demoman class in TF2, physically similar in appearance to the juggernaut, also wields shields as a Primary Weapon. The majority of games treat shields as a Secondary Weapon, with TF2 and SFH being the few exceptions.