Shadow is part of the Strike Force and is an Assassin class soldier in the Campaign, serving as a pilot, sniper, and CQB expert. Players can usually see him standing and aiming his sniper rifles or running with his melee weapon at enemies. As his choice of firearms consists of only sniper rifles, he is always ready to rip faces off with well-timed headshots and criticals.


Shadow is usually seen with a Scout, but on the later levels he sometimes uses other weapons, such as:

  • Dragunov (1/10 Chance, Sniper Rifle)
  • AWP (Sniper rifle)


Shadow is the team's marksman and CQB specialist. He is also very precise, unlike Bull, who is very messy. Shadow tends to do best as a sniper but he can still use melee weapons at various times, devastating the opposing team. He also flies Choppers and other aircraft. He flies the chopper that drops the player off at the research lab, and flies the plane used to intercept the nuke.


1. "Sir, whatever was out there must have come from this place. Good luck!" - Mission 5
2. "Sir, I'm spotting multiple enemy MiGs on the radar!" - Mission 13
3. "I hope you know what you're doing!" - Mission 14
4. Player: "Do I cut the red wire or the blue wire?"
Shadow: "The, uhh... The green one!" - Mission 14
5. Shadow: "Be careful not to alter the guidance system!"
Player: "Damn it, this isn't brain surgery, it's rocket science!" - Mission 14

Abilities and Tactics

He uses the "Full Radar" killstreak which modifies your radar to see both enemy and ally players. He is incredibly good at sniping, but due to his low-health and high-death chance, you may need to protect him to see his full potential.


  • Shadow's voice has a slight touch of British to it. It is evident in mission 5, when he first speaks (see "Quotes - 1.").

  • He is also a fair pilot, since he flies the player around often.