SFH Scar

Scar in-game picture.

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Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: None
Damage: 20
Accuracy: 40%
Range: 35 ft
Fire Rate: 6 rps
Ammo: 22x4

SFH2 Scar

Scar in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Engineer
Extra effects: Full Auto
Damage: Medium-low
Accuracy: Medium
Range: Medium-low
Fire Rate: Medium-high
Ammo: 20x3


Strike Force Heroes

The FN SCAR is an Assault Rifle for the Medic, and is unlocked at Level 11.

The Special Operations Force Combat Assault Rifle resulted from a demand by the U.S. military for a rugged and highly-modular weapon system, able to meet the formidable requirements of special forces units. Two modes were produced, the 'L' (Light) variant fulfilling various roles in the military as a designated marksman rifle. In the game, it is an L Variant--meaning it is a medium-powered assault rifle, as shown by in-game stats. It's a weapon with good stopping power, even though it has medium fire rate. This means the time it takes to kill using this weapon is very quick, making it an excellent assault rifle. It does, however, have a somewhat small magazine compared to other assault rifles, so this should be taken into consideration before buying. This can be used similarly to the Commando's machine guns, but care should be taken as Medics are not nearly as durable as Commandos.

Strike Force Heroes 2

It is now usable by the Engineer. It has generally pretty good stats, but the big problem with this weapon is its puny 20 round magazine size, which means frequent reloading.



  • The SCAR in SFH1 is based on the SCAR-L. The one in SFH2 is based on the SCAR-H. The main difference between the SCAR-H and the SCAR-L is that the SCAR-H/Mk. 17 (or "heavy" variant), fires the 7.62x51mm NATO round (comparable to .308) while the SCAR-L/ Mk. 16 ("light" variant), is chambered for the 5.56x45mm NATO round (resembles the .223). The easiest way to tell the difference is that the SCAR-H has a straight 20-round magazine and the SCAR-L has a more curved 30-round magazine.