The Player is the character from which the story is viewed. He can be any of the four classes available - Medic, Assassin, Commando, or Tank - and can have any name one could think of. He is also the soldier that 'lone wolfs' the last two levels of the Campaign, as well as all of the challenges. The player is, by default, named Justin.


He can also be any level from 1 to 50 (30 for SFH3) and can collect experience points and money. He uses these experience points and money to level up and get new weapons for different classes, depending on the ones that he used to get these experience points and money. He can also change the quality from low all the way up to high. He can even choose to listen to music while he plays!


  • He is only portrayed as a Commando in the first game no matter what class he actually is, but in the second game, he never makes an appearance in a cutscene. He/She can be any player in the third game, but by default it's Wesley.