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Omar Game Stats.png

Omar in-game picture.

Cost: $3,475
Slot: Primary
Type: Shotgun
Soldier: Tank
Extra effects: Vision -20%
"Double barrel means extremely fast firing speed, but only 2 rounds."
Damage: 25x5
Accuracy: 10%
Range: 15 ft
Fire Rate: 10 rps
Ammo: 2x4

The Omar is a Shotgun available for the Tank in Strike Force Heroes.


It is the final shotgun available, and is unlocked at level 29. It is double-barreled, being able to fire very fast, with bullets that each do 25 damage--meaning it can deal up to 125 damage per shot. Its downside is its low range, ammo and accuracy.


The Omar deals a base of damage 250 from both rounds, thus, it should be able to two shot every class except the tank.

Caution it's low ammo, passing the ammo boxes occasionally can suppress this, and letting it reload when away from danger.



  • This gun is overpowered with the Bottomless Clips mod since there's no reload so you can easily deal 125 damage at 10rps. That's a base damage of 1,250 per second.