OICW in-game picture.

Cost: 2275 $
Slot: Primary
Type: Machine Gun
Soldier: Commando
Extra effects: "An experimental weapon. Slow, but powerful."
Damage: 46
Accuracy: 50%
Range: 34 ft
Fire Rate: 4 rps
Ammo: 14x4

The 'HK XM29 SABR 'OICW is a Machine Gun for the Commando in Strike Force Heroes. It is unlocked at level 23.


It deals 46 damage, has an accuracy level of 50%, range of 34 feet, and a fire rate of 4 rounds per second, and has 14 rounds per clip. While carries less bullets than the AUG HBAR, it makes up for its powerful shots, that deals a severe damage over the enemy.


It comes in a greyish and reddish scheme, complete with a scope, two magazines and two cannon, which the front mag is supposed to feed the assault rifle, and the rear mag feed the Grenade Launcher. Due to the limitations, the rear magazine feeds the assault rifle/machine gun and the frontal mag and the lower cannon are just decorative.

STK for all classes: (Shots To Kill)

Medic(Insane): 2 shots to body, 2 shots to head. (Without Self Revive)

Assassin(Insane): 2 shots to body, 1 shot to head.

Commando(Insane): 3 shots to body, 2 shots to head.

Tank(Insane): 4 shots to body, 2 shots to head. (Without shields and enhancements)


- When paired with Ammo Feed, this weapon will be very deadly, you can also use it like a sniper rifle against all classes sometimes, except Tank .

- You can killsteal your enemies when they are during a fight with your allies, due to the high damage.

- 2 or more commandos with this weapon makes an almost invincible team.

- You can replace this weapon with the secondary Desert Eagle(which is only slightly slower) and load another primary weapon.



  • The OICW is incorrectly firing the 5.56x45mm NATO rounds out of the 20x85 mm Grenade Launching barrel and is thus incorrectly reloading it from the GL's magazine instead of the AR's magazine.
  • The OICW is called "HK XM29 SABR OICW" in real life. (Heckler and Koch eXperimental Model #29 Selective Assault Battle Rifle, Objective Individual Combat Weapon). The description "An experimental weapon. Slow, but powerful"  refers to the fact that it was still during experiment in real life. (Now abandoned)