Strike Force Heroes Wiki

The Ninja is a class featured in Strike Force Heroes 3 and is one of the new female classes playable in the game. They bare some similarities to the Assassin from the First Game.


Because the Chameleon trait doesn't hide you from enemies that are nearby, it would be wise to use longer-ranged items in your arsenal. The Ninja also has low health, so a high-damage weapon would be useful to kill the enemy before the fight draws on. 


The Ninja is able to equip themsleves with Duals and Shotguns but has no utilization of Submachine Guns. Some ninja have the capabilty to be invisible from the enemy sights making them hard to target. They both an offensive and self support killstreak.


Deadly Shurikens - Equipped with 3 deadly shurikens that when throwned, can poisoned the enemy with it's acidic injection.

Smoke Bomb - Transport through different sections by emitting smoke and travel stealthily.

Unique Hero

The Unique Ninja is Evelynn. She can be unlocked by winning the Ninja Night's mission in Insane mode.


  • When using Duals, it is best to be equipped with the two automatic firearms continously damaging enemies. Sawn off is fine as well but requres a certain time to fire the next shot.
  • When handling Shotguns, it is best to equip the DB12 and USAS 12. Both have good damage and rate of fire.


  • Her shirtless outfits bare resemblance to the character Quiet from the game Metal Gear Solid V.