Strike Force Heroes Wiki
SFH2 Neostead.png

Neostead in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Shotgun
Soldier: General, Juggernaut
Extra effects: 2-Round Burst
Damage: Medium-high
Accuracy: Medium-low
Range: Very low
Fire Rate: Low
Ammo: 4x3

The Neostead NS2000, sometimes just referred to as the Neostead 2000, is a shotgun that appears in Strike Force Heroes 2. It is usable by the General and the Juggernaut.

This is arguably the worst shotgun in the game by a huge margin. 2-round burst is bad enough, but it only has four rounds in the clip. Why use this over something like the SPAS 12, Judgement, or semi-auto shotguns like the KSG? Its stats are atrocious across the board, making it one of the worst shotguns in the series.