Mike Sleva

Mike Sleva is the artist of Strike Force Heroes. He created the game, along with Justin. He has done art for many games by Sky9, such as Siegius and Siegius Arena. He can be fought in the last challenge of each game, in Meet Your Makers, Bigger and Badder, and Devs De La Muerte, respectively.

Strike Force Heroes


Mike is one of the final bosses of the game. He is a Level 55 Tank wielding a Siegius shield and the SPAS-12. He also uses the Iron Will ability.


Mike is harder to kill than Justin due to his Shield and ability. Alternatively, he is still vulnerable to death. Shoot him once with your secondary weapon so his Iron Will dies out, then go in for the kill with your primary weapon.

Do not stay close to him for long though, because his SPAS-12 is still deadly. Also, try to avoid explosives. Use a machine-pistol or pistol against him and a rapid-firing gun.

Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 3



Mike's appearance in SFH3

He reappears as a Mercenary in the last challenge. He equips a Defriender and a Hattori Hanzo; the Custom R870 and Katana. He dons a pair of black pants and boots with a padded brown vest.


He remains harder to kill than Justin because of his higher health. His own difficulty changes through the match, depending on which effect he has on him. First his Reflective Shield ability, then Shadow Blend, Rapid Regen, Wall Hack, and 'True Form', each changing in order after 5 kills the player makes. After two more kills, they equip two weapons, like Dex's Ghost Weapon, making him extremely deadly.


  • Mike wears an eyepatch here for what claims to be a "magic trick from Justin".