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This page contains strategies. And may be more strategic than factual.

These are some strategic loadout ideas for the Mercenary. It is based largely on opinion, and these suggestions may or may not fit your play style or player level.

Default Loadout:

You can effectively use the weapons that are already equipped when you start playing the game as the Mercenary.

Primary: MK 48 - This machine gun can lay down extended fire with its good RoF, and ammo capacity but lacking in range and accuracy, typical of machine guns.

Secondary: Kriss Kard - A handgun that is excellent at long range, making up for the MK48's poor performance in this regard.

You have no skill or Killstreak at the beginning of the game, so be sure to equip them as soon as they are unlocked.

Strategy: - The MK48 has very bad range and accuracy, so be careful of Snipers, as they can take you out before you are even in range. If you are not at almost point blank range, you can use your secondary pistol to whittle their health down, or kill them at long range; a very effective way to combat someone with a more powerful primary. This equipment should be able to hold you until you are able to buy better weapons.

Medium Range Loadout:

This loadout is very effective at medium range, due to the high damage of the Cerberus as a primary.

Primary: Cerberus - This machine-gun has a run-on clip, high damage, relatively high accuracy. It is very versatile.

Secondary: Five Seven - This weapon has good ammo capacity, and similar stats as the Cerberus, complimenting performance for minimal hassle adjusting your strategy when you happen to run dry in a firefight.

Skill: Ammo Feed - This remedies the slow reload of the AUG, mitigating the need to rely on a secondary.

Killstreak: - The Killstreak is not too important in this loadout, so you can use whatever you prefer for your needs.

Strategy: - Your weapon is fully automatic. Moving around a lot is helpful, as it makes you harder to hit, and the Cerberus is not accurate enough to reliably get hits at the longest ranges, so its better to use a "run and gun" technique.

Crowd Control Loadout:

This loadout is weak at medium to long range, but allows the Mercenary to tear through clustered enemies and make it out alive.

Primary: Minigun - This machine gun does not need to reload, as if Ammo Feed is being used. Its only weakness is its low accuracy, as it has a very high rate of fire.

Secondary: Any secondary can work, but using a long range weapon like a pistol to compensate for your low accuracy with the Minigun helps.

Skill: Scavenger or Sacrifice - Scavenger restores 15% of your maximum ammo every time you kill an enemy, and Sacrifice increases your damage dealt and taken by 15%. Scavenger is preferable, but Sacrifice may also work.

Killstreak: Bloodthirst - Using this when facing a group of enemies allows you to be very tough to take down, as you are regenerating health as long as you are damaging them.

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