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Dex, the Mercenary profile. He's actually holding an M60.

"I ain't got time to bleed."
"Go ahead, make my day!" 
- The Mercenary


The Mercenary is a new class in Strike Force Heroes 2 replacing the Commando from the original Strike Force Heroes.

He starts with a MK 48 and a Kriss Kard.


In the campaign, the mercenary's name is Dex.

He uses weapons similar to theCommando from the previous game, like heavy machine guns and rocket launchers.


Unlike the Commando, the Mercenary works for himself, which is powerful against an enemy. However, it would be a problem, since he can't handle an entire team with well balanced points (such Generals in this case). The Mercenary is like the opposite of the same General or Juggernaut, as the Mercenary focused on firepower, the General in team support and the Juggernaut on health.