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M4 1.png

M4 in-game picture.

Cost: Free
Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: None
Damage: 10
Accuracy: 60%
Range: 30 ft
Fire Rate: 7 rps
Ammo: 30x4

For the SFH2 counterpart, see M4A4.

The Colt M4 is a weapon used by the Medic class in Strike Force Heroes. It is unlocked for use at the start of the game. It has the characteristics of a rapid firing gun like the Uzi, but it deals more damage.


This gun and the USP are the first weapons for the Medic. This rifle is weak, but can be something, it has the highest accuracy above all full-automatic assault rifles, going mid-range will give the user a great advantage.


The M4 comes with a black and grey finish, fitted with an A2 handle and an LE Stock. The model uses the standard M4 hand guard and is fed from a STANAG magazine.


  • When compared to the in-game AK 47, this weapon has significantly lower damage but reasonably higher range and accuracy. This is not necessarily the case in real life, with most people noting that the M4 carbine, a firearm of American origin, boasts a higher cyclic rate of fire, but in return less stopping power and accuracy at range due to its round. Another factor is that M4s are more expensive to manufacture than AK 47s, but this is not apparent in the game, clearly because the M4 comes free.
  • The weapon designation in-game - "M4" - is a misnomer, as it refers to the burst fire variant of the M4A1, in which the latter is fully automatic like the in-game firearm.
  • The player character after "Under Siege" wields a M4 in the ending cutscene, despite using the Saw during gameplay.