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Jyn is the sniper ally seen in the campaign of Strike Force Heroes 2, a playable character in Strike Force Heroes: Extraction and an unlockable hero in the third game.

He is mainly spotted on the scoreboard with a high amount of kills and a decent amount of deaths, his usual weapons are the Intervention and the Katana.

Strike Force Heroes 2

He can be seen almost the whole campaign, but he is captured in mission 14, and is not seen again for the rest of the game. Jyn is depicted as a obsessed gamer since his abilities are related to game altering mods or hacks, in a campaign cutscene he is seen playing a video game with what seems to look like an Xbox 360 controller. He also has many boxes of Xbox games. Jyn makes a hostile comment to Globex by saying "They better not break my Xbox" implying that he will kill them if your team is winning or losing.

Strike Force Heroes 3

After being captured, Jyn was brainwashed and started working for Globex, until he is rescued by surviving SFH members. He returns after completing the Watch Your Back challenge mission on Insane difficulty. In gameplay, he is slightly less efficient at getting kills, but still remains useful. He now equips Snipers and Experimentals and uses his Wall-hack ability once more.

Strike Force Heroes Extraction

His flaw is being ADHD and he can't see warnings from firefights and chases. Later can be unlocked Headshot and Headshot Pro perks, which make more damage and increase chances for doing headshots.


Jyn has ADHD according to SFH: Extraction. He is an avid gamer and sometimes says funny comments in battle such as "Ah, I'm hit. No, wait, I'm not". He is the youngest member of Strike Force Heroes.


"Sure, blame the lag"- when selecting the sniper class in custom soldiers.

"It's headshot time"- when using the aim bot ability.

"Boom Headshot"- when selecting the sniper class in custom soldiers.

"You can run but you can't hide!"- when activating the wall hack ability.


  • He has same voice as Toad.
  • You can break his Xbox by placing Tesla Coil on it. If you do, it would show a Windows 9x-like Blue Screen of Death.
  • Jyn is apparently the most popular choice, somewhere between ~70-75% of all users choose him first, and reach 50th level first with him as well.