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Jenkins: "They just came out of nowhere! I.. I have no idea sir!" (Campaign: Hijacked)

Jenkins: "Sir, thank god you're here! There's something wrong with these soldiers..." (Campaign: Infection)

"Sir, I don't feel so... ugh..." Jenkins shoots at you! (Player)

(Player's name) "Jenkins! Friendly Fire!"


-Jenkins turning into a "Zombie" as Bull likes to call them and attacks the Player.


Jenkins can be first seen in the "Hijacked" mission. He is clad in blue uniform complemented by a dark-blue balaclava, and serves as a guerrilla assassin for the Strike Force Heroes. It can also be speculated that he is the pilot of the 747 cargo plane, but this isn't right because there are 2 dead military police commandos in the cockpit and they failing down into the forest, it is possible that he temporarily piloted the SFH Dropship when Shadow is on the mission to suppress the Rebellion. He is comparable to Shadow, who is also an Assassin and a pilot. However, Jenkins suffers from a lower level than his Strike Force counterpart, and is weaker than Shadow. This is because he is not an actual Strike Force member, but actually only hired to be a pilot, not a soldier, he is a member of the Military Police.

Zombie Virus Spread

In the prelude of Hijack, Jenkins and the player crash land along with their comrades on an island. He attempts to resist the mutation crawling into his body systems, but succumbs to the virus. He is killed by the player.


Beware when Jenkins says, "Sir, I don't feel so... augh...", because if you are busy fighting another Infected person, you are sometimes on low health, and he can finish you off. One way to avoid this is to stay away from him when he says that. Air Strike is a good killstreak as your enemies almost never take cover. 


  • Jenkins was not an enemy for the entire "Infection" stage. He was an ally until he says "Sir, I don't feel so... augh..."
  • His wife, Mayday, appears in another Sky9's game Strike Force Heroes: Extraction and Strike Force Heroes 3. 
  • The inspiration for Jenkins is Wallace A. Jenkins in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, and the novel based on it, Halo: The Flood. In both, Jenkins get infected by zombie-like creatures literally called The Flood. Before he turns into the Flood, his last words to Captain Jacob Keyes are "Sir, I don't feel so... augh..."