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Jackal Game Stats.png

Jackal in-game picture.

Cost: $625
Slot: Primary
Type: Sniper
Soldier: Assassin
Extra effects: Vision +40%, Head Damage +30%

The lightweight Jackal allows for unparalleled accuracy.

Damage: 70
Accuracy: 100%
Range: ?
Fire Rate: 4 rps
Ammo: 2x9

The Jackal is a Sniper Rifle for the Assassin in Strike Force Heroes and is well-famed for its accuracy, resulting in its integration into the armories of rebel militias. It is great for those who can wait patiently for a target to appear. 


Of all the sniper rifles, it has the greatest accuracy, at 100%, and fire rate, at 4 rps, yet only two rounds. It is an extremely light and accurate sniper rifle, with 2 bullets in its magazine, and can empty out one magazine in one second flat. Due to its accuracy, it can score headshots far away, and when combined with its extra effect vision and critical damage, it is deadly in a sniper's hands. It is the fastest firing sniper rifle, however, has an extremely small magazine means that needs to reload very often. (It's similar to the Omar and is basically a double barrel shotgun with slugs and full accuracy)


If one is lucky enough to kill in 1 shot with this weapon, it is highly suggested to reload. Extremely deadly with Vital Sight, as it usually hits it on-the-spot. In the challenge Ninja Assault, it can be paired up along with the Vital Sight, and camp in one corner waiting for the laser to show something "weird".



  • It's a homage to the sniper rifle custom made by the title role of the movie The Day Of The Jackal.
  • When in the player's hand, it resembles the Sniper Monkey's rifle with the 'Semi-Automatic Rifle' upgrade from the Bloons Tower Defense series.