Strike Force Heroes Wiki
Iron Will

Iron Will in-game picture.

Cost: $
Slot: Skill
Type: Defensive
Soldier: Tank
Extra effects: Defend 70% of a Hit every 5 seconds
Damage: -70%
Accuracy: N/A
Range: N/A
Fire Rate: N/A
Ammo: N/A

Iron Will is the last skill for the Tank. Every five seconds, the damage from one shot you take will be reduced by 70%. It is a good defense against rocket launchers, Magnums and sniper rifles, since they deal heavy damage at a low fire rate. It is a poor defense, though, against assault rifles and machine guns, due to their low damage and rapid fire rate. It's good keep it and not run like a crazy without safety and you can lose you skill to a Assasin and a Medic appears to fight you and giving a good damage since you don't have the skill ready yet.