Strike Force Heroes Wiki

GLO6 in-game picture.

Cost: Varies
Slot: Primary
Type: Explosive
Soldier: Mercenary, Engineer
Extra effects: Sticks to Enemies
Impact: 70
Fire Rate: 3
Accuracy: 90
Ammo: 2x10

Out of the two grenade launchers in Strike Force Heroes 3, the GLO6 is the one making its first appearance.

The special thing about this grenade launcher is that the grenades stick wherever they land. Although they pass through allies, the grenades can still damage them if it hit an enemy or the user too. After being shot, grenades stay on contact for 3 seconds, then explode.

The GLO6's main advantage is its damage; having the upper hand on the MK32 by about twice as much. But it lacks many traits for a sustained skirmish with a rival. Low fire rate, and a two-grenade capacity limit its staying power. Depending on your strategy, the sticky feature is a huge boon. You can throw a sticky on the ground where an enemy may arrive, and thus dealing damage without a direct line of sight. It may take practice to get the hang of it, especially with the curved trajectory of the projectiles.

The GLO6's custom version is called the Thumper, probably because of the sound it makes upon firing. It has the ability to fire two grenades with each click, effectively doubling it's already high impact. As an added bonus, you still only lose 1 grenade per shot, keeping your ammo reserves relatively stable.