Foundry is a map in Strike Force Heroes.

The Foundry is a factory and HQ for Globex. The melted metal is put into molds and then created into castings, which are used for Globex's unique suits. The Foundry is different from other maps, since it can kill you. In the middle is a large bucket of lava that comes down every five seconds. Anyone caught in the lava would lose health (if on very low health they will be killed) and if they fall into the lava lake below will be killed.


The map is the setting for the campaign missions "Intelligence" and "The Return".

It is also the setting for the challenge "Prepared".

There are two variants of the map, one in daytime and one in nighttime.

When the game is paused, the lava will still flow, which is useful if you are about to hit the lava flow.

In Strike Force Heroes 3, skin of this map is reused on another map, Factory. They are similar, except in the Factory, there is no lava pour and the hole doesn't include lava but just a hollow tube with electric rays that kill you.


The best weapon here would be a homing explosive like Javelin or a sniper weapon. If you are using one of these, try to take enemies out on the sides of the lava pour down where they are fighting other comrades. Try to use the top one. If using an assassin, a great place to hide is in the top left corner. This solves the sniper rifles' problem of low ammunition, for there is an ammo crate, and it has one entrance but two exits, which can provide for a quick escape if attacked by a dangerous enemy. On the other hand, if using a commando with the killstreak bouncing betty, one good place to put it is to crawl into the vent in the top left corner, fall down, and place it there. If an enemy drops down from the vent, there is a 100% chance that bouncing betty will explode. The only time this fails is when an enemy spawns there, because they do not take damage as soon as they spawn. This will set of the explosive but not do any damage. another one is to use the M-32 and stand on ether side of the top part of where the lava bucket dumps you can see anyone come over and stop