Flame Resistance

Flame Resistance

Flame Resistance in-game picture.

Cost: $125
Slot: Skill
Type: Defensive
Soldier: Commando
Extra effects: -40% Damage to explosives
Damage: -40%
Accuracy: N/A
Range: N/A
Fire Rate: N/A
Ammo: N/A

Years of explosive training has conditioned the Commando to resist all explosives. No one knows how- In-game Description

Flame Resistance is the second skill the Commando can earn in Strike Force Heroes.


It is unlocked when you reach Level 4 and costs $125 to use. It makes the Commando take 40% less damage from Explosives. It is very useful when shooting from a short range with an explosive as you take -40% damage or facing another Commando with Explosive. It also affects Cyclones, since it shoots explosives.


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