SFH Dragon

Dragon in-game picture.

Cost: $2,275
Slot: Primary
Type: Assault Rifle
Soldier: Medic
Extra effects: Single FIre
Damage: 30
Accuracy: 80%
Range: 45 ft
Fire Rate: 6 rps
Ammo: 30x4
The DataDyne Dragon is a single fire Assault Rifle for the Medic in Strike Force Heroes.


It, statwise, is an improved version of the Famas and the Needler. It serves as a DMR role in the Medic's arsenal; a mix between Sniper Rifles and Machine Guns, as it has high damage and accuracy, but with good rate of fire and ammo. It is unlocked at level 23.


It comes with various colors. The overall weapon comes with a green finish, with a white barrel, a red line and some details in grey. There are two magazines, the curved one for bullets and the boxy one for the underslung grenade launcher, real features of the DataDyne Dragon. Due to the limitations, the boxy magazine feeds the weapon, with the frontal one as a mere decorative purpose.


Because of it's high accuracy (80%) and its significant range, it is best to stay at a distance. Aim for headshots since this gun will rarely miss.



  • This weapon is based off of the dataDyne SuperDragon in Perfect Dark. However, the SuperDragon in Perfect Dark is auto fire.
  • The dataDyne SuperDragon, in turn, happens to be loosely modeled off the G36 rifles. Oddly enough, there already is a G36 Rifle in Strike Force Heroes, and to further support this theory, the grip, trigger-guard and clip are shared between the in game images for these items.
  • It is interesting to note that it has a magazine and extra barrel for grenades, however, this function is never used or seen in-game.

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