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Dex possible game sprite


Dex is a member of the Strike Force introduced in SFH2, until he goes rogue during Campaign Mission 8 in the second game. Because of the cloning of the heroes, even though his original died, his own clone is an available unique hero in Strike Force Heroes 3.

Dex's default appearance in SFH3

He is a Mercenary, and specializes in machine guns and explosives in both games.

One of his clones from the previous games fights alongside you in Strike Force Heroes 3.


He is first shown as a rough man, having a gruff voice. He is also depicted as physically fit. All of his Body customization show his muscles in one way or another. In the third game, he always wears the army cap and the Rambo chest, but remains tough-looking and muscular.


Dex is a strong, venerable veteran of the second strike force team. Providing either blinding return fire with his machines guns, or combustive carnage with his explosives to turn the tables in battle. Despite his useful traits, Dex has only served for so long because of his paycheck.

After West recieved a call from Iagi about the completed serum for the zombieism that Globex has created, Dex kills West with a bullet to the head before Iagi can give details to rendezvous. In the ensuing match that followed, Dex revealed that GlobeX lines his pockets more, and West's death was just to maintain His bottom line. After the brief match against his former squad, he escapes the base and moves in to kills Iagi as well.

With his head start and the logistic advantage of being lone wolf, Dex gets to Iagi's lab first and the heroes find him dead on the floor when they arrive. Greeted by Dex, he calls in a few GlobeX clones, and you face off with him once again.

One mission later, you face Dex alone in the factory after your team was captured. During the less-than-nostalgic reunion, Dex states that "..I've always liked you, but it's time for you to get crushed!", before getting crushed himself by the GlobeX leader's mech. He unsolemnly tells the player that Dex was too expensive to maintain, thus his death would cut upkeep costs. Dex's dismembered remains are the last we see of him in this game.

Strike Force Heroes 3

A cloned Dex returns to your team after completing Rocket Race 4.0 on insane. He always comes with the fitting 'Disliked' flaw, making killstreaks require 1 more kill to receive; understandable because of the treachery of his original in the previous game. While this Dex appears to keep his loyalties amidst dire circumstances, it's safe to assume any attempt of betrayal will be swiftly dealt with.


  • He is a "lone wolf", according to the Mercenary's biography in a Development post made by Sky9.