Cyclone Game Stats

Cyclone in-game picture.

Cost: $9,650
Slot: Secondary
Type: Machine-Pistol
Soldier: All
Extra effects: "It shoots mini explosives!"
Damage: 48
Accuracy: 10%
Range: 30 ft
Fire Rate: 5 rps
Ammo: 18x4
The Cyclone is a Machine-Pistol available to all classes as a secondary weapon in Strike Force Heroes.


It is the final and the most expensive secondary weapon. It is unlocked at level 50. It's setback is that it has the lowest accuracy of any secondary weapon, at 10%. However, it more than makes up for it with the high damage and large clip size, having more than enough shots and damage to make up for the inaccurate bullets. There is an orange streak when fired.



  • In-game stats.
  • The Cyclone.
  • The Cyclone shoots its projectiles like the Burst Torch of Raze 2...
  • ....It even has a splash damage like the Burst Torch....
  • ....However, it doesn't have the Burst Torch's fire damage, and it's got a much larger splash and damage ability.


  • This weapon is possibly based on the Cyclone in Perfect Dark. However, the Cyclone originally has 50 bullets and is not explosive.