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Recent Blog Posts

Nhazul123 Nhazul123 10 May 2021

Sky9 is back & SFH: Remastered Collection

Hello, gamers of SFH and editors

In March 22, 2021, The creators of Raze games, and Strike Force Heroes games are back (and alive) and they are going to remastered the SFH games on Reddit!


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Domi811 Domi811 26 February 2021

SFH Prequel Project!

Hello all,

There is a project for an SFH prequel focusing on the origins of Alpha Squad, meeting in the midst of WWIII operations. Made by a Filipino gamedev, and as a half-Filipino, it is my sworn du…

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Domi811 Domi811 26 February 2021

SFH4 Reveal!

Hello everyone,

It's come to my attention that while Sky9 has been unable to update their blog for technical purposes and have been off their YT channel for some time, they did say in an email that th…

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