Combat Knife
Combat Knife Game Stats

Combat Knife in-game picture.

Cost: $50
Slot: Primary
Type: Melee
Soldier: Assassin
Extra effects: Critical +40%, Crit Damage +10%, Vision -20%
Damage: 50
Accuracy: Melee
Range: Melee
Fire Rate: 4
Ammo: None

For the version from Strike Force Heroes 2, see First Blood (SFH2).

For the version from Strike Force Heroes 3, see Knife.

The Combat Knife is a Melee Weapon for the Assassin. It is unlocked at Rank 2 and costs $50 to use. It is the first Melee weapon that is unlocked for the Assassin Class.

It returns in Strike Force Heroes 3 as simply the "Knife", usable by all except the Medic and Gunslinger.


The minuscule Combat Knife is more deadly than it appears to be. It is a melee weapon, so it can only be used at close range combat. However, when enemies approach, the Combat Knife can be used to great effect. As with all Melee weapons, chasing enemies with it may not be effective as they could run away while firing and quickly eliminate the assassin, however the Combat Knife is extremely effective when enemies come close as it attacks at a fast speed and since it is a melee weapon, there are no concerns about the ammo.

Since it costs $50, it makes the Combat Knife a cheap yet effective weapon. If certain statistics besides damage were considered, then the combat knife can be compared with the machete very well.

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