Challenge 6: Norris, Chuck

Challenge 6: Norris, Chuck in-game picture.

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This level is a tribute to the mighty Chuck Norris. You are a super-soldier, and being overpowered, you decide to bring only a butter knife to the battle and no killstreaks. The match is set in Village and is an insane level team deathmatch with 25 kills to win. Your default setting will be the Commando in Elite uniform with Adrenaline and abnormally high health (seven hundred). Your team has one player, but you are fighting six enemies. They have somehow obtained twenty-four kills (obviously by killing your useless teammates) and now it is up to you to kill twenty-five of their team before you die.

This level is based off of a popular Chuck Norris joke,

"Chuck Norris once killed twenty-five people using only a butter knife."

In this Level, you are, in fact, using only a butter knife, to kill twenty-five people.

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