Challenge 3: Man With The Golden Gun

Challenge 3: Man With The Golden Gun in-game picture.

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Man With The Golden Gun is the 3rd challenge in Strike Force Heroes. In this level, you are trapped in the tiny map Facility, and have to fight against a team of four insane level 'Assassins'. These 'Assassins' are actually Globex Commandos with gas masks, M4s with laser sights, UMP/Glock 18/M1911s, and any one of the Commando's Killstreaks. They may be overpowered, but they do not stand a chance against your "Golden Gun" which kills anyone with one shot and has perfect accuracy, but only one bullet per clip.


It is not recommended to use an Assassin for this level, since the Golden gun is basically a straight upgrade from the AWP and Crossbow (the most powerful Assassin weapons) apart from the lack of a scope. However, using a Tank for his health, a Commando for his ammo, or a Medic for his killstreaks is very useful. You could just camp on a platform and shoot anyone who comes near you. This level is fairly easy, so use its advantges to help you win.


  • The level is named after the James Bond novel/film The Man with the Golden Gun.

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