Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles in-game picture.

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Assault Rifles are a specific weapon class used by the Medic These weapons can fire fast, but deal little damage. As such, they are better at close range combat, when the opponent is sure to be hit by all the bullets, or when the assault rifle has a positive damage modifier.

The Assault Rifle group is by far the most diverse and adaptable gun category. It has long-range guns, like the FAMAS, medium range, like the M4, and everything in between. Generally, they are best at mid-range, as headshots can be landed easily, but short-range skirmishes are just as effective with automatic weapons.

Assault rifles function either as standards infanty weapons, or as Battlle Rifles, the former consisting of automatic weapons with good all around stats such as the Scar, G36, and AK-47; the latter consisting excusively of the FAMAS and Dragon. Battle Rifles have high accuracy, Damage, normal magazines, and good range, but they are limited to semi-automatic fire; they resemble a hybrid between automatic infantry firearms and bolt-action firearms. Due to their high accuracy, damage, and mobility, Battle Rifles can also be used by players that favor the Assassin's high accuracy but dislike the low health.

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