Campaign: The Cure

Campaign: The Cure in-game picture.

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The Cure is the sixth level in the campaign. It takes place in a village where the Scientist has told the Player where the plants to cure The Toxin are. When they start to find pick the plants, Riggs hears something, so the Player tells the squad to stay alert. After a while, Globex soldiers appear, trying to prevent the Strike Force Squad from obtaining the plants. The squad annihilates the Globex soldiers and obtain the necessary amount of plants, but one of the Globex soldiers is still alive. The Player grabs the survivor and asks him who he works for (the squad still does not know about Globex at this point). The survivor says he doesn't know much except that their headquarters are at a nearby steel plant.



Soldier (Player): Alright men, let's spread out and find those plants.

Riggs: Sir! I think I heard something.

Soldier: Stay alert, remember our priority is those plants.

At about 25 points for the Blue Team, 4 GlobeX soldiers appear.


After 100 points for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

Outro Cutscene

The Soldier can be seen holding an unmasked Globex soldier by his sweater.

Soldier: Who do you work for?!

Globex: Ah! Don't kill me man! I don't know nothin'! All I can tell you is they operate outta some kinda steel plant! That's all I know I swear!

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