Campaign: Rebellion

Campaign: Rebellion in-game picture.

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Rebellion is the second level of the campaign. The Strike Force Squad heads to South East Asia to fight a rebellion in an abandoned village. The rebels fight hard, and Bull is injured. But the rebels are easy to fight, so it's most likely that you win.

This is your first level involving your Strike Force allies--who will accompany you for the rest of the Campaign.


Intro Cutscene

Two weeks earlier

A Dropship can be seen flying away from a cargo plane.

Soldier (Player): Alright men, you know the drill. Get in, suppress the rebellion, and head back to base.


Soldier: This should be a quick mission. Eliminate the Rebels and move out.

Riggs: Roger that.

After 10 kills for the Blue Team...

Bull: Ah, I'm hit!

Soldier: Oh, it's just a flesh wound, you'll live!

Bull: Yes sir!

After 20 kills for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.

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