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One Final Effort is the fourteenth level of the campaign. The Player is finally on the nuke and must now replace the explosive warhead with that of the cure. Unfortunately, the Player has to deal with more Globex paratroopers as they are trying to prevent that from happening. The Player is able to surmount the two tasks, completing the mission.



Soldier (Player): So, to replace the warhead with the cure...

Shadow: I hope you know what you're doing.

After about 40 points for the Blue Team...

Shadow: Be careful not to alter the guidance system.

Soldier: Damn it, this isn't brain surgery, it's rocket science!

After about 75 points for the Blue Team...

Soldier: So do I cut the red wire or the blue wire?

Shadow: The uh... the green one!

After 100 points for the Blue Team, the mission is accomplished.


Always try to keep your distance from the enemies so they can't attack you. Also, try to get to a high level in Commando as this level is extremely hard (probably harder than The Final Showdown) because Javelin is a good idea here.

How to win using:

Medic: Use a rather powerful magnum or Assault Rifle if you like, but if you use an Assault Rifle you must have a good secondary, probably the best would be Desert Eagle or AKS 74.

Assassin: You should definitely use a sniper. The best would be AWP or even Jackal can do the job. Use Vital Sight and Attack Chopper. Use a Skorpion or Desert Eagle as a secondary.

Commando: Definitely Javelin or OICW. But beware! Javelin has low ammo, so if you use it, be sure to use it if you have a high level! You should use Ammo Mastery if you want to use Javelin, or Ammo Feed for OICW. Use AKS 74, RCP 90 or Desert Eagle as a secondary. Alternatively, use Mini-Gun with a strong secondary with a high fire rate, like Skorpion or even Patriot.

Tank: It is not recommended to use a Shield, but if you want to, use Meat and Desert Eagle since it has long range. Use an Omar, Judgement or Striker shotgun with P99 or Phantom.


  • Before this level was updated, all three of the flags were located on the nuke. Now one flag is on the nuke while the other two are on the planes.
  • The quote: "Damn it, this isn't brain surgery, it's rocket science!" Was refference to the house of horrors II of Simpsons Series. See here



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