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A picture of Bull.


Bull is part of the Strike Force and is a Tank in the Campaign in Strike Force Heroes. As he is a Tank, he's a good fighter with his high HP, and an excellent team player. You're likely to see him with very few deaths in each fight. He is reliable in Domination, since he can defend points easily. He is sometimes seen with a shotgun or shield such as the Defriender or the Police.

Tactics and abilities

When successful with his killstreak, he will give you and all your other allies Kevlar Vests, a killstreak which is similar to the shields in Raze 2 and is a Medic killstreak.


Campaign: Rebellion Bull: Ah! I'm hit!

Player: Oh, it's just a flesh wound, you'll live!

Bull: Yes, sir!

Campaign: Hide and Seek

Bull: What are these things? Zombies?

Player: Keep your head straight! Whatever they are, they're dangerous!

Infected: BRAAAGH!

Bull: W-what... Did he just say BRAINS??!!

Bull's voice is all-around American.


Of all the Strike Force members, Bull is the least likely to die. His high HP makes him very hard to kill.

Bull can also give very significant defense, especially when he has a Shield.


  • Bull is the only Strike Force soldier with you on Campaign Level 9: Hide and Seek, contradicting the player's quote,"...Ok men..."
  • Bull is, ironically, not the bravest (getting slightly terrified of a flesh wound and has a hint of fear in his voice when he says "Brains"?), a common cliché about tough people being the least brave.