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When low on health, the Assassin will dodge all attacks for 2 seconds. (Can only occur once every 30 seconds)- In-game Description

Blur is the final skill the Assassin can earn.


It is unlocked when you reach Level 16 and costs $1,075 to buy. When the Assassin is below 30% health, he will be able to dodge all attacks for two seconds. It can only occur once every thirty seconds. This ability is used by the Globex Leader and Justin Goncalves. It is very useful when about to die, since Blur gives you time to escape or kill the enemy without risking harm. However, it does not save you from suicides or instant kills, and explosions can still harm you while the ability is active.



- You can load your weapons for assault purposes and simply rush through the packs of enemies to kill all of them without dying. It`s useful when you play Capture The Flag mode. (But watch out for enemy rockets and grenades when doing this.)