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Achievements or Medals are extra tasks that can be earned by completing specific events in Strike Force Heroes and Strike Force Heroes 2.

Strike Force Heroes

Basic Medals

Image Name Description
The End Medal.png The End? Complete the Campaign.
Strike Force Hero.png Strike Force Hero Defeat the Creators of the game.
Maxed Medal.png Maxed Reach level 50 with any soldier.
Guns and Ammo Medal.png Guns and Ammo Buy all primary guns with any soldier.
Streaking Medal.png Streaking Buy all killstreaks with any soldier.
Skilled Medal.png Skilled Buy all skills with any soldier.

Secret Medals

Image Name Description How to get
Human Plug Medal.png Human Plug Hold the flow.

Unlocks Sky9 mod

There is a water spout in the middle of the "Caverns" map. Stand on it and crouch down for approximately 5 seconds.
Embarassing Medal.png Embarrassing Die by falling lava during your killstreak.

Unlocks Party Time

Go to the campaign mission Intelligence or the map Foundry, activate the player's killstreak and get killed by the falling lava. This is almost impossible for the Medic level 50. Like, really.
Waterwings Medal.png Waterwings Drown in the dirty water.

Unlocks Bottomless

In an match on the "Village", you crouch down in the small green pond until your health drains to zero.
Detective Medal.png Detective Investigate the facility Go to "Siege Under" mission, and as soon as Shadow drops you off, head to the right. At the black space, duck and continue through the hidden passageway.

Strike Force Heroes 2

Basic Medals

Image Name Description How to get
The End? Complete the Campaign. Complete all 15 levels in the Campaign Mode.
Strike Force Hero Defeat the Creators of the game. Defeat the Creators of the game in the level "Bigger and Badder", level 15 of Challenges Mode.
Maxed Reach level 50 with any soldier. Reach the level 50 with any soldier, this is the max level of the game.
Hardened Complete all missions on Hard. (Campaign + Challenge) Play the Campaign and Challenges in Hard difficulty.
Insanity Complete all missions on Insane. Same as above, but in Insanity difficulty.
Can't See Me Unlocks all camos for any soldier. There are 15 locked camos in each soldier. Get 'em all in the Slot Machine (check page for more info).
Compulsive Gambler Spend $500k at the slots. Invest money earned in matches until the medal appears.
Entrepreneur Sell $100k worth of items. Sell any item that you don't need anymore. Attachments are quite high value.
Take out the Trash Defeat 500 soldiers. Play in any Campaign stage where GlobeX appears and where you can get the most kills.
Robot Army Get 150 kills with the Engineer's killstreaks machines. Use any killstreaks to ensure the kill. Remember to deal a certain damage and let the machine finish the job.
Anger Management Get 200 kills during killstreaks with the Mercenary. Get any kill with the Mercenary while using the killstreak. For a desirable result, you can use Surge and equip an Explosive weapon.
Going Streaking Support your team with 75 killstreaks as the General Play in any team match and play as normal until the medal appears.
Snipa-X-Killa Get 200 headshot kills with the Sniper. As the Sniper, you must do headshots for this medal. For a desirable result, get and use the killstreak Aim Bot and a fast sniper rifle or any SMG.
Iron Man Take 100,000 damage with the Juggernaut. As the Juggernaut, you must receive 100,000 damage while playing a match. Considering that the Juggernaut is hard to kill, you can even whitstand a shootout while defeating your enemies.
Samurai Kill 200 enemies with a Melee weapon. Get any melee weapon and kill anyone who is near you. The Katana might reflect the attack, resulting in a kill with the enemy's weapon, not by the Katana.
Close Call Collect 50 Health packs when under 25% health. Collect 50 Health packs when under 25% health. Don't equip any recovering ability to ensure this medal.
Never Empty Collect 50 Ammo packs when under 25% ammo. Collect 50 Ammo packs when under 25% ammo. Try using a low-ammo weapon, as they drain very fast.
Mordekaiser Collect 75 Armor packs when at 0 armor. Collect 75 Armor packs when at 0 armor. Try to use armors such a Superalloy Vest for fast result.

Secret Medals

Image Name Description How to get
Vegetable Guy Destroy all the Fruits.

Unlocks Tin Man mod

In any match, select the map Market or Market (Day). At the middle of the same, at the ground level, there are 2 fruit stands. These can be destroyed with any weapon, but is preferably to use Machine Guns or Shotguns.

Unlocks: Unlocks the Tin Man mod, which character's joints are held with glue, thus can be "disintegrated" every time they dies, sending all possible body parts to fly.

Game Breaker Disrupt the Entertainment.

Unlocks Wizardry mod

In any match select the map Base and ensure that your Engineer has the kill streak Tesla Coil. Once the match starts, kill the required number to get the kill streak ready and go to the part where a sofa is placed as a jump pad, exactly where various video games consoles are seen. Deploy the Tesla Coil and once the same is electrifying, the screen will turn blue, indicating that the trick is performed.

Unlocks: Unlocks the mod Wizardry, which lets you to have infinite ammo, at the cost of reducing any earned EXP by 80%.

Party Time Party like no one's watching.

Unlocks Fiesta mod

At the Campaign level 1 Station Repair, wait to open the door and proceeds as normal to the generator. Once an Astronaut says that you have to whack the generator, don't do it. Instead, return to the inside and cross where a reddish box is placed. Jump where a disposal beam is seen and proceeds to the other side where a dark room and a smiley face is seen. If done correctly, the music changes and the medal is obtained.

However, you must restart the level if you want to continue.

Unlocks: Unlocks Fiesta mod, where the player and the others receives any random weapon along with a smiley face replacing their face, at the cost of reducing any EXP earned by 30%.

Strike Force Heroes 3

Basic Medals

Image Name Description How to get
Sfh3theend.png The End? Complete all Missions.
Sfh3strikeforceheores.png Strike Force Hero Complete all Challenge Missions.
Sfh3maxxedout.png Maxed Out Reach level 30 with any Soldier.
Sfh3battlehero.png Battle Hero Complete all Missions on Hard.
Sfh3vertan.png Veteran Complete all Missions on Insane.
Sfh3heavyarmed.png Heavily Equipped Upgrade a weapon to 5 stars.
Sfh3bigspender.png Big Spender Spend $750,000 funds.
Sfh3enterpenuter.png Entrepreneur Sell $100,000 worth of items.
Sfh3tott.png Take out the Trash Defeat 500 enemies.
Sfh3turretmaster.png Turret Master Get 150 kills with Turrets as an Engineer.
Sfh3unfairadvantage.png Unfair Advantage Get 200 killstreak kills as a Mercenary.
Sfh3goignstreaking.png Going Streaking Activate 75 killstreaks as a Gunslinger.
Sfh3boomheadshot.png Boom, Headshot! Get 175 headshot kills as a Sniper.
Iron Man Take 100,000 damage as a Juggernaut.
Sfh3elementalist.png Elementalist Kill 250 status afflicted enemies as an Elite.
Sfh3closecall.png Close Call Activate 75 killstreaks as a Medic.
Sfh3assasin.png Assassin Kill 175 unaware enemies as a Ninja.
Sfh3divrseity.png Diversity Unlock all Classes. Note: This does not include the Knight class.

Secret Medals

Image Name Description How to get
Sfh3headsup.png Heads Up! Found a Future Soldier! Go to the map 'gorge' and at the far left corner of the map, up there is a floating rock and on it is a helmet, to get it I used a rocket launcher and launched my corpse up there and i got the achievement. Make sure you abled the 'Sky9' mod so your body will reach.
Thumbs Up! High Five the Future Soldier! To the map 'VOLCANO', and then go to the far right of the map. Just jump down there, and move to left in the air. Over magma down there, you can see a golden thumb. Try to touch it, and you will unlock this achievement.
Cold Feet! Thaw the Future Soldier! This achievement is found on the map 'Ice Caverns' and you need the flamethrower to get this, go to the ammo box on the right side of the map and underneath it there should be a foot sticking out of the under side of that platform, fire the flamethrower at the foot and you should get the achievement.

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